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I need 24 Dethornit Stingers. PM me with offers at Sinful-Pacito!
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Selling all kinds of mats. Ran out of room in markets so I'm on here trying to sell the rest of it. I have ores, woods, cereals, fish, alloys, bones. Everything in general pre-frig 3 only. PM Sinful-Pacito or Ankabox me here.

Alchemy EquipmentFlask of Nelween Smoke x10 Glass Bowl x854
AlloysAluminite x63 Ardonite x9 Bakelite x47 Brassic x63 Ebonite x140 Gold Ingot x1 Kouartz x133 Kriptonite x29 Magnesite x123 Pyrute x30
BarksAmbusher Bark x10 Ancestral Treechnid Bark x185 Barkritter Bark x52 Bulbig...
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Looking to buy a nice Treadfast Amy with nice stats. PM me in-game at Pacito-Ex. Am willing to pay generous amount for perfect stats and Vitality overmaged.