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just a question, if dofus will remove the random rolls of dofus, what will happen to the +crit hits of turqs?
will all the turqs have similar crit hits like making all turqs have +20crit hits? (like what dofus did on cawwot by making all cawwots have 60wis)
so if i have a turq dofus now that has +11 crit hits,will it become +20crit hits when this new dofus update is implemented?
if not +20, will all turq dofus have the same crit hits?
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hello guys
i just bought120spell point scrolls and my friends told me to use those sp scrolls on maxing all punishments and all dmg spells but im thinking of sticking with only a single element, chance
spells i currently have maxed:
-weapon skill
-nimble punishment
-bold punishment
-summoning of sword
-summoning of dopple
i would like to ask some suggestions on what spells i should use it on?