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Ozardo Foggernaut Lvl 127 Remington
Ozard Sadida Lvl 111 Remington
Ozarda Sacrier Lvl 103 Remington
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By Ozardo - 2016-04-04 07:33:18 in Overall
9 5068
What is the fastest way to level up a single character after lvl 100 solo?

-Just a character alone,
-A character + 1 or 2 sidekicks,
-A group of 3 characters (multiboxing),
-A group of 6 characters (multiboxing).

P.S.: leeching in a high-level party is not an option

I have a favorite class so I would avoid leveling multiple characters if possible (sidekicks are welcome though if needed).
By Ozardo - 2016-03-27 05:36:30 in Sacrier
13 2241
Hey, guys! My sacrier reached lvl 80 and now I choose a playstyle for solo leveling. The idea is to lower hp to 10-20% and then redirect all damage to Trank. Meanwhile, Trank helps to pull and lock enemies for a nice flaming. Is it worth it or sticking to earth damage and full hp is more profitable? (The third party member is Astrub Knight or Beelzebug, not a healer.) I ask for a piece of advice because I don't have any experience beyond lvl 80, new big world still awaits

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