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By Ozardo - 2018-05-15 06:19:54 in Your Decks
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Hey, guys, how do you play Enutrof? What archetype do you enjoy playing most:

- Aggro,
- Drhellers,
- Loot,
- Mill,
- Necronomigore,
- Anything else?

I've been trying to make a competitive Enutrof deck for months but I still can't choose anything specific  Drhellzerker mechanics, Dofus damage with loot, necro minions, direct damage spells - everything seems so strong and useful.
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One of the most desirable events in Krosmaga is card balancing and full-cost recycling. And formally it's not even an event. So why not to make it a feature? Every week or other time period can be devoted to some family or other card set, during that period corresponding cards could be recycled for full cost (without changing card stats). So players could try new cards and recycle them if they don't like them during events. There are two reasons to do this:
-First of all, collection progress is slow...