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By OscarBePwn - 2013-04-02 22:55:23 in Suggestion Box
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I am currently using a class set on 2 of my characters, soon to be 3! and i find them very fun to use and the looks are just a bonus! But they seem to be VERY underpowered, i think a class set buff would be greatly appreciated by many players out there not just me. I am not asking and or suggesting a enormous buff but slightly enough to get people who choose those sets going again! currently the sets give +100 points to all elements, 800 vitality, +20 damage, +20 heals, 1 ap, 2-3 summons depending...
2 426
the title says it all i think my character is bugged please help.
and no i do not have any disgraced points
i play on rushu server character name Evidence thank you
ah also tried to clean my cache and still not working anyone ever have this problem?
By OscarBePwn - 2012-09-24 04:57:35 in Rushu
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Hello, i will be heading to rushu this week coming up and i just wanted to post about guilds on here, i have a 190 eni and a 103 panda coming over, i also have a couple of friends coming over the next week coming up 194 sadi and 194 sacrier, we are not looking to join the best guild on the server but a guild with a good, fun, and mature community as we do like to joke around alot. We want a guild that we can grow with, we are really big on pvp and kolo (dont do much pvm) if you think we can fit in...