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REM-Regicide Cra Lvl 54 Rubilax
REM-Hydrus Osamodas Lvl 48 Rubilax
REM-Kitso Pandawa Lvl 29 Rubilax

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well guys i just got back to the game after long break and i was just woundering what are current good critical lvl 85 krosmoglob gear combos coz i took break when game still had sets
By Ornifex - 2015-01-13 16:40:26 in Iop
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well hello guys i took a break from game when sets ware still in use and now im stuck at lvl 97 with infernal divine armors
i wanna know whats the best damage combo armor for my characters ty.
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guys after rye do all materials require replanting after harvesting or are there other mats that i can harvest with out the need to replant