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By Oritaleczek - 2017-04-13 16:41:45 in Osamodas
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I'm doing my best to comeback to the game as revamped Osamodas, I am at 170 level at the moment, but still have Soft Oak on. It worked well before, but now, I strongly lack having more summons. I used to wield Toy Hammer, but now as a replacement (in order to have at least two summs) I have gobb hammer. Funny, right.
Could you possibly help me and let me know what kind of gear should I purchase now? My thoughts are; it's essential to have at least 3 summons.

Speaking about the build, I...
By Oritaleczek - 2016-03-28 00:03:53 in General Discussion
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Hello, friends!

Quite much players who play Dofus right now are not new, but those who come back after time. I am one of them. I wanted to take a look at the alignments.
At the moment:
-I can't see "Bonta vs. Brakmar" fights, definitely not on 1-199lvl.
-The system with seeker scrolls is down.
-There isn't any unofficial place for those fights (I am talking about 6,-22 before Dofus 2.0, it was on Rosal)
-Everybody crosses the map without their wings exposed

So here is my question, is there any...
By Oritaleczek - 2015-10-11 14:09:59 in Osamodas
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Hello cuties,

I am playing Dofus for so, so long, but I took too many breaks and now, when I am trying to get back things aren't the same. Obviously. Dungeons changed, professions changed, classes changed, even mobs aren't the same. Osamodas is my favourite class so far, but I feel like he's not as good as before. I am 13X level right now.
So I just wanted to ask you about some things...
1. Is Int Osamodas still strong and able to be solo pve? I've heard he's more support now.
2. Is Soft Oak Set...