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In Astrub there's a building at [5,-17] you are free too enter (see pic.1, entrance is circled red). There's also a hidden room you can access by (see pic.2) touching the switch (circled red) to slide the wall and reveal the door. However, you can hover the mouse over certain area on the right of the door (highlighted green on pic.2) and it is clickable and you can enter the hidden room even if the wall is closed.

Pic.1 outside:
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It reads "Играть геройски в этом приквел к событиям шоу Wakfu Netflix".
Which translates like "Play heroically into this prequel to events of Wakfu Netflix show". Yes, the sentence structure is broken like that.

You should change it to, for example "Стань героем в этом захватывающем приключении в мире Wakfu во времена, предшествующие событиям одноимённого сериала".
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At the (presumably) end of Step 2, after I have all the baits set up, the next action is "Talk to Otomai's Apprentice again" pointing at [10,-24]. OA was there earlier indeed (you meet OA inside the cave), but obviously not anymore (while I'm yet to figure where).

Unsetting/resetting landmark has no effect, relogging neither.