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Elionope Masqueraider Lvl 115 Rubilax
Nogard Osamodas Lvl 115 Rubilax
Orehruoy Enutrof Lvl 115 Rubilax
The Wall Your Face Masqueraider Lvl 80 Rubilax
Attela-Lebe Foggernaut Lvl 23 Rubilax

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By OrehRuoy - 2017-12-01 13:06:13 in General Discussions
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Which English speaking server has the most people. Most English speaking preferably
1 2040
When you do a quest do all your characters finish it or do you have to do it each time for each character?
By OrehRuoy - 2015-02-26 01:14:10 in General Discussions
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So when are we getting a heroic server like Dofus has. I'm sure its not planned at all but I think it would be fun. I enjoyed that on Dofus.

Also it would give a use to PVP and the increased rates would make the grind tolerable.