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I have no idea what I should be crushing to make runes, it seems like I'm just destroying a lot of items without making anything. It says "The recipe was correct but the craft failed."

Is there some way to know what I should be putting in there to crush? I'm so confused by the whole thing.
By Ordoscity - 2013-01-07 02:34:39 in Problems and solutions
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Tek Abir disappeared so I should be able to go find him watering down the beer for the Endangered Beer quest, the wiki says to check the notes for the quest. But the notes don't tell me where or how to find him. Some people mentioned going into the back room of the bar, how do I get into the back room of the bar?
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How do I get to 4, -19 to get the gold nugget for the "If you're happy and in Astrub" quest?