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Member since 2010-03-13


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Status: Subscribed
Last login: 2019-09-17


Ha Mong Foggernaut Lvl 200 Nox
Xifu Locks Feca Lvl 200 Nox
Tough Choice Ecaflip Lvl 200 Nox
Daeto Eniripsa Lvl 179 Nox
Fleur-Inspire Enutrof Lvl 178 Nox
L'Ost Seoul Ouginak Lvl 159 Nox
Protein Shake Foggernaut Lvl 33 Remington
Hmong Enutrof Lvl 23 Remington
Pi Su'Li Ecaflip Lvl 23 Remington
Isulder Foggernaut Lvl 22 Remington
Knight Say Ni Sacrier Lvl 16 Nox
Castrology Sram Lvl 7 Remington
Protadam Aeug Iop Lvl 6 Nox

Activity on the wakfu Forum

2 105
Character name: Ha Mong
Date and time: 8/15/19 ; 11AM
Map: haven world , astrub center
Server: Nox 
Bug description: The recipes for megabomb have two options, but when attempting to create the second option, it is not available for creation.
Reproducibility process: 
1. gather 5 grossanto serum
2. use polisher
3. search for megabomb recipe
4. grovel

Game logs: