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Mythnas Cra Lvl 33 Remington
Jalya Rootspirit Sadida Lvl 15 Remington

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By Yuutou - 2019-02-24 04:11:30 in Role Play
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Found any luck finding any other RPers in Remmington? I plan to go back to Wakfu and was thinking of distracting myself with some RP besides playing the game normally.
67 11330
Coming back for some RP. Glad that people are still willing to do it. Any of you in Remington?
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I was reading this, hoping that this guild was linked to Amakna and it is! I'd obviously love to join! If I can't find any of you in-game to talk about joining, here's what you can add:

- Mythnas

This guild seems really lovely and it makes me motivated to join and collaborate. One thing I love the most about guilds is the events that they make and meetings between members to talk in a certain area, I hope you all can offer that, if not, well, I'll start with the idea! Haha!