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Member since 2009-01-10


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Last login: 2019-07-15


Eliotrope Lvl Omega 48 Echo
Rogue Lvl 84 Ilyzaelle
Iop Lvl 60 Ilyzaelle
Sacrier Lvl 20 Ilyzaelle

Activity on the dofus Forum

By Oolink - 2018-08-19 23:12:53 in Welcome to the Incarnam Inn
8 941
Hello! I'm thinking about checking out Dofus after a break of about three years, mostly because mono-account servers are a thing now. I looked up devblogs and so on.. and there are way too many! Could someone, please, give me a tl;dr of a couple of things?
1) Major changes to watch out for (class, profession, guild system,... reworks and so on)
2) New important game mechanics - no need to go into too much detail
3) Short run-down of each class, mostly how they compare to each other in terms of balance...
By Oolink - 2016-10-29 16:43:56 in General Discussion
5 641
Hey. I want to begin by saying I haven't played for a year or so, I came back maybe two weeks ago, I'm probably just confused. Yes, this is more or less a rant. However, I desperately need advice about two parts of the game that go hand in hand:

First, How do I play solo? Even though I have a 200 Int/Agi Cra that has decent equipment, since it is my only character (account), I can't access most of the endgame content: for example I've never seen Frigost after CB, dimension or the new Sufokian area....
0 275
The quest Accused at the Reception requires 3 Rokoko Nuts dropped from 3 quest mobs on Moon Island, those mobs are invisible / not there. Several of my friends have had the same issue.