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By Onefifty - 2020-10-04 21:42:41 in Suggestion Box
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This topic is blunt. It's not sugar coated or a feel good post. 

Having played Dofus Touch since launch I have figured out everything about the game. 

The game lacks the freedom to mage items with maximum sink values of 101 but only really being able to AP/MP exo your gear. Allowing other gear +20-30 sink in maximum stat maging. The cost breaks the bank and therefore left the game undesirable to play. 

This is a veteran player that is willing to leave the game to find another game. 

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Hello Dofus Community,

When it comes to maging stats on an item, many of us know (and you will too!) sink values are 101. But most sink values go unused on equipment and this is the real crime. 

An AP mage, and MP mage are the most weightiest mages, because (you're catching on) they are 100 and 90 sink respectively. 

I suggest "buffing" characteristic runes by including a new 50 characteristic stat rune (that's 50 sink!) to include in purchasing at an NPC.

This gives players (you and me!) more...
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The rule bending of the class set for cra is fun! Will we see the set change in regards to adding exo's?

Balancing the gear in every element and granting set bonuses to every primary element.

Could we allow the gear to be maged as it currently can't be?

Your Friend,