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By Omengirl - 2020-05-16 20:58:49 in General Discussions
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It would be better if the stuff that needs to be done for chapter 2 on Moon wasn't many steps involving extra things that have to be done, such as the Otomai quest and the platforms, including the mercenary quests. The Darkli Moon dungeon seems reasonable to do since it's related to the hammer mostly.
By Omengirl - 2020-04-15 20:37:44 in Suggestions
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After the game started making updates ever since I started playing a few years back, I started thinking about some new ideas. Like the churches in the 4 nations that sit there and do nothing. I was thinking that I would be cool if the churches were apart of the game's lore that can take you to the Divine Dimensions. Along with adding more altars to the game in the Almanax Machine as well.  Since the recent update, the Haven Worlds now seem to need a new purpose since we can no longer do environmental...