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Hyugg Sacrier Lvl 119 Dathura
Hyugarr Sram Lvl 86 Dathura
Pykke Sacrier Lvl 78 Dathura
Pykko Sram Lvl 61 Dathura
Omédus Feca Lvl 25 Dathura
Azerezatt Feca Lvl 6 Aerafal
Fefefa Feca Lvl 1 Aerafal

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That's a great guide ! Thinking about going dist/aoe  combat armor feca for my new character. Could you elaborate a bit for this playstyle ? I'm kinda wakfu starved spamming big my big glyph.

Also what is your duo element of choice for this build, 3 - element isn't really doable during leveling

You didn't mention the range passive for fire spells, isn't that mandatory to have the same range on every magic school ?
By djrk16 - 2020-07-20 05:21:08 in Feca
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What content do you solo with this build ? I would have thought glyphs would be better for soloing. I get the armoring tips but i don't see how you kill things. You just use a spell sequence that fits your AP ?
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So you dont know if this build applies to late game too ? I heard close combat is very bad in late