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By OhGurl - 2016-07-22 01:29:29 in Suggestion Box
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Intended or accidental, each type of wild seemyool seems to have a predominant sex when captured. They are 99% one sex, 1% the other.

I realize you guys have gone wildly out of your way to make breeding them as difficult as possible in order to discourage us, but seriously.

Why on earth would you make it THAT harsh? Somebody over in France get it in their head that breeding DTs was too easy, so, in grand Ankama style, you made the new stuff incredibly difficult and annoying, rather than just...
By OhGurl - 2016-07-05 10:36:53 in General Discussion
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Wouldn't it be a good idea, since so many people are getting ripped off and a rollback should be happening, to just put the servers back in maint mode?
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If I have 8 accounts and I want to make a purchase on all 8 of them using my card, will that flag me or something?

If it does, what is the time frame I should wait between how many purchases?