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Xelor Lvl 192 Crocabulia
Blood Brothers
Sadida Lvl 163 Crocabulia
Endless Road

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For exemple:
Enemy is in cel number 1, walks to number 2, then to number 3 and passes turn.
I select Frostbite (Inflicts Air damage on enemies. Teleports the target back to its previous position) and hover the mouse over the enemy. It shows it going from cell #3 to cell #2. I use it and select it again. Now I hover the mouse over the enemy and it shows it going from #2 to #3 again, but if I use, it goes to #1.

It makes it very difficult to remember which cell the enemy is going to and deceives me...
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Posted this somewhere else and it came to me I could post it here, so here it goes:

Yesterday I did Rainbow Blop dungeon with my brother, we have 4 chars (Panda, Rogue, Eni and Sadida). 
We had the worst time trying to figure out what the heck was going on. 

Each Royal Blop summons a Blop that summons a Biblop, Sad has trees and 3 more summons, Eni has Coney, Rogue has 3 bombs, Panda has barrel... Not mentioning the Unhealable state, infected state and all other states that fill the screen with...