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Here is the premise to this absurd experiment:
- It' s a game involving Eniripsa and Feca
- The players don' t have any way to inflict damage on a minion or to silence it, or to increase it' s attack directly
- Both players run Grougaloragran* or Grougaloragran*** (this is to prevent their dofus from being destroyed by their decks running out of cards).
- They are not trying to stall to activate the Necromigore
The game proceeds as normal, until Eniripsa uses Infected Flask to trade the attack of...
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Game version:
OS: Windows 8
Time of encounter:01/01/2018
Description: Chaferfu effect "Teleports 2 cells whenever an ally dies" doesn' t always work, sometimes He stays on his cell even if there are no other minions on his row.
What should happen: Chaferfu should teleport 2 cells forward whenever one of his allies dies, or stop the cell before if the cell it should teleport is occupied.
Reproduction: I tried triggering his effect by sacrificing allied minions with Moloch, Moribund or Sacrifice...
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Not all Feca's cards have been revealed yet so some cards may not be worth putting in a Feca deck in the end. 
Here are the revealed cards
With Feca I have two strategies in mind: one focuses on rallying and the other on protecting minions with armors and shields.
I think the rallying one will be more aggressive. I will put a lot of 3 ap fecas in this deck so that when i reach...