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I'm only making this thread because I'm sick and tired of this.
Since the patch that revamped the whole cania plains area I'm experiencing this problem, every time some treasure hunt lead me to the area near bonta and it tells me to find a well, the well isn't there, at all, some hunts I've only discovered the clue only by the luck, I should've brought a print but at the times it happened to me I just didn't cared enough to do so, but now I'm sick of this bug.
Please do something, I'm tired of broken...
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I think that only a super hard new dimension with challenges that change everytime and horrible dungeons with monsters waves would not be attractive for the players, well the last time i went there i noticed that there were no challenges with drop + xp bonuses, I only saw that challenges that have the only purpose to difficult the things there on the dimension.

So I come here to suggest that all the divine dimensions would have xp + drop x2, I think this would make the dimensions more attractive...