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By Oamoka - 2018-06-11 08:38:40 in General Discussion
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I was just informed that there is a spyware called redshell that appears in a lot of games. Krosmaga turns out to be one of those games. This program apparently records details about your computer settings, and the data does not have to be encrypted before being sent anywhere.
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not happy about Ankama putting spyware on my computer. I'm also fairly certain they never told us about it, because there are no hits for it on the forums (well, one hit in English, but...
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Title: Cannot refund certain of the cards modified in this update. Game version: OS version of your computer: Window 8.1 Time and date of encounter: As soon as I loaded Krosmaga after updating to the Brotherhood of Oropo expansion, and every single time I've checked since. Description of the problem: Despite being listed as modified, I cannot refund Otomai, Count Harebourg, Goultard, or Khan Karkass. What should happen: These cards were listed as modified. I should therefore be able to...
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Title -> Cannot play spell card after Shadow gave it to my opponent then back again Game version -> OS version of your computer Window 8 Time and date of encounter About 1h50 France time, 8/2/17 Description of the problem -> My opponent (a Xelor) summoned Shadow. At the end of his turn, as expected, we swapped a card from our hands - my opponent got my Riddling Arrow, while I got one of their curses. Their next turn, I got the Riddling Arrow back, and they got my Subversion. After...