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I've recently returned to Dofus after, well, not that long of a hiatus, about half a year but it seems a lot has changed. It seems Idols have been changed or nerfed for that matter and 508 doesn't exist anymore. 

I was wondering, whats the best possible Idol score now and with what idols? is Frigost still the best place for XP or is there other, more viable grinding spots that are more popular now? 

Is there anything else that has changed that might be worth mentioning? 

Thank you! 
By OMGshaysOnline - 2009-05-05 08:31:30 in General Discussion
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The game has a maintance once or twice a week in the morning .
It quite anoying wen i enjoy goin on.
Most of the time , nothing smooth happens
only the 1.27 update D

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