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Asherah Sram Lvl 16 Remington
Unkawa Sram Lvl 14 Remington
Nyara Enutrof Lvl 12 Remington

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By Nyarah - 2012-03-08 09:03:22 in General Discussions
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Is there a way to change u Nation..

Coz when i satrt playing all my 2 friends when for Brakmar

now they drop playing and now i meet new friends wich have guild and more then 80 ppl on it but they play for Amakna...

If there is not any way to change nations.. when it will be implanted..?

i'm ready to pay for it with OGRINE

or do some quests...
By Nyarah - 2012-03-07 13:44:28 in General Discussions
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Hi there.

Ok i did subscribe for a hole year. and get my 16 Tokenes..

I took them with my new charector and playce them in Inventory.

Now i made another charector and i whant this tokens or item Set.. on him.

But.. this tokens can't be trade or set can't be trade...

SO how i am suppose to transfer them to another chaerctor...

If anyone know plz help.

becose i made a tikket fot this problem allready week pass but no reply from community ((((