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First of all, I'd like to thank the developers for finally fixing the launcher window that wouldn't fit my screen!
(I'm assuming a fix was deployed sometime about yesterday, because yesterday the launcher suddenly started working fine for me).
However, the same update of the launcher broke something else! Now I can only play in 1280x720 instead of my usual 1920x1080!

It won't let me choose any other resolution. Please take a look.

But when I launch the game's .exe directly bypassing the launcher,...
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There's a Dungeon quest titled "Midgin Tormentor":
"Don't lose any Dofus 10 times".
It's counter always stays "0/10" no matter how many times I win against Rushu without losing any Dofus.
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Other people and I have previously reported problems with the huge window of the Updater:

Now, at least the Updater was usable before today. But suddenly, today when I tried to launch the game the Updater's window is bigger than ever and it's impossible to click 'Play'. What happened? What should I do with this?

Here is the screenshot. It's 1920x1080.