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Incubo Sram Lvl 89 Remington
Bambù Pandawa Lvl 35 Remington

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By Nukio - 2012-05-16 00:30:55 in Pandawa
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Hi there, I'm looking for a fire Pandawa guide.

Can someone help me? I didn't find an updated guide on the forum
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I made this topic because I'm simply tired to play an underpowered class. I'm a lvl 70 Sram and I found a lot of "bugs" and problems rather boring.

- Traps are visible when you cast it. Why?

- If you are invisible and an ally heals you, you become visible. What the hell? If I play with an ecaflip on my team, I'll become visible with the wrong card. Great.

- If I wear an Insigna and I cast double, the copy doesn't wear the insigna too. Wow! For PvP is simple amazing!

- The cost of the ability...