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By Nufeen - 2015-02-07 17:31:24 in General Discussions
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I've slightly updated lonesadida, adding the routing feature (now you can copy&share links to single item pages, like this).

The bad thing about it is related to site architecture (site stores data in browser cache to operate locally, but that requires some time to get data at the first visit), so if you send the link to a certain item to somebody who had not used the site before, it will operate slowly at his side.

"Tactical" version is no longer needed and will be removed.

If somebody don't...
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Wakfu shop is no longer accepting payments from Russia without explaining anything. Please tell us what's going on? Is there any chance to pay with dollars or euros (looks like it is made due to the ruble rates falling)? Some people are not able to play with new content because of this issue, that's disappointing.
By Nufeen - 2014-11-15 15:43:57 in General Discussions
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Guys, I want to introduce you new Wakfu items search tool — Lonesadida

In fact it is Wakfu-elements mirror (my site just represents the data from Elements and official site), I decided to write a new site for several reasons:
— to get the ability of sorting and comparison
— to get an ability to get drop rates info in several clicks
— iPad friendly interface (sorry for giant buttons, oldschool guys, they really are ugly and unnecessary in the PC browser, but drawing 2 interfaces instead...