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Nooberus Junior Huppermage Lvl 105 Remington
Nooberus Sacrier Lvl 102 Remington
Ishida Legolas Cra Lvl 101 Remington
Sulfurator Foggernaut Lvl 96 Remington
Zabrask Sram Lvl 76 Remington

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By Noobilus - 2020-05-11 21:12:17 in Cra
1 373
Does the aoe from beacons benefit from single target mastery if i use a ST spell on it or only from aoe mastery regardless of spell type? Also, is aoe cra damage good compare to other classes?
By Noobilus - 2020-04-22 18:13:13 in Trade
0 125
Hello, I'm looking for a Fire of darkness emblem to buy. If you are selling please leave a comment or try to contact me.

IGN: Nooberus
         Nooberus Junior
By Noobilus - 2020-04-22 14:00:45 in Huppermage
5 617
hello, im a lvl 100 huppermage. Currently im using a low qb build but i want to convert to a high qb build. Do you know of any + wp items that i could get my hands on?