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By Nonnok - 2011-10-26 00:53:58 in Typos and spelling mistakes
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"Al Howin was the greatest Pumpkwin farmer on the continent. Unfortunately, this Bwork Magus was also an amateur enthusiast of all things arcane. On order to win the 'Biggest Pumpkwin cultivated with Lousy Pig slurry' contest, Al Howin enlisted the Bwork Magus who decided to test a new incantation on the Pumpkwins... as a result of his idiocy, anyone who ate these bewitched fruits wound up transformed into strange, misshapen creatures for several days... this still happens every year around the same...
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It would be nice if there were a shortcut command for quick Kolossium invites. Unless anyone knows of one I don't? As it is now, you've got to click on a character or a character name to send an invitation. That's a bit restrictive, since not everyone is sending you a PM or in your guild, or on your friend list.

Can we get another /invite type command?