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Sram Lvl Omega 45 Echo
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Liquid-Snake here,

I logged in today with my level 100 allignment Bontarian wings, I attempted to kill the Boss at the end of the crimson dofus questline and after failing multiple times and teleporting out i am no longer a bontarian and ive lost my beautiful wings. I still have the Community Service achievement for being level 100 and i still have the Rank 5 achievements from when i got my wings. Ive cleared all the caches and ive relogged multiple times. 

Can Someone who can help out please...
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Welcome to Civil Rebellion, We are a fast growing, Active and very friendly clan and we are currently looking for active members to join our great community!, We are currently a part of the Psych Alliance as well!

We are a group of players who's skill level varies across the board from new players, To veterans of the game and at 150+ Members strong we are all ready to lend a hand with whatever you need help with or at least try our best to!, We have a level Requirement of 50+ and this is just so...
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Simple Question, Which Healing weapon do you like the best? and why