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Member since 2013-03-28


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Last login: 2018-06-02

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By NitrofoamG - 2017-08-25 08:54:50 in Beta Test Server
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Can't open the bounty from the wanted poster:

I logged in this room and wanted to check all the new bounties that were added. Clicked on all of them, and only the one shown in the screenshot wouldn't open for me. Also tried leaving and re-entering the room to see if this would fix it. I get the same sound when clicking on it as the other posters, but here it doesn't open for me. 

I also generated a bug report and saved it, how can I add it here? 
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Hey there,

Is it correct that if I subscribe for 6 months I would get both the Dauge and Black Dragoone pet with both the promotions? Or would I only get one of the above?