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Podrick Feca Lvl 5 Remington
Taban Ecaflip Lvl 5 Remington
Thuma Iop Lvl 5 Remington
Karimbus Osamodas Lvl 4 Remington
Atonos Sacrier Lvl 3 Remington

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So I've seen a lot of people complaining about this game recently. Well, stop. Some of most common complains are about the subscription. This is silly. Dofus has been pay to play for as long as I can remember, it's hardly a surprise that Wakfu went the same way. We've known about it for a long time. Besides, it's hardly expensive, and Ankama need some way to make their money.
Then there are the complaints about the "boutique". Many people are calling it "pay to win" (or p2w) which is just silly....
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Basically, the governor should be able to decide if someone becomes an outlaw, even if they don't lose enough citizen points. For example, someone might just go around annoying and harassing everyone, so the governor decides o turn them into a criminal. Then, once they're captured (also, they should be captured even if they quit) the governor decides the punishment (or maybe he could give someone else that job), for example they could lose money or items.