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By NineTailFox - 2016-12-11 23:29:17 in Iop
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Hellow world ! I am back to the game.. Is there anyone who can tell me how should i build my iop now ? I mean which element should I choose , where to level and what gear to wear ? I have over 90mils so money arent problem i think .

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OK guys since my brother will do break from dofus .. i started to play on his acc i played fous around 2008-2009 but not anymore.. it is still like new to me since there were many changes as i can see.. i need kamas lol Xd any ways of it ? i will start new str eca have set around 128 lvl but till then i will lvl solo .. farmer/baker 100 jewller 67 magus 100 those are my professions .. i want something easy like to do it 30-40 mins and get enough for sub + something for me ( when i say something...
By NineTailFox - 2014-11-18 16:32:28 in General Discussion
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Need help with kamas .. alot of them .. any easy ways of kamas? have farmer baker 100 but dont say make bread etc etc it takes too long .. have jaweller 67 and magus 100 .. selling mage items it is also long a little :/ just tell me some of efficient ways you know ^^ TNX