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By Nikto - 2012-08-18 18:16:56 in Zenith Discussions
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Drop system -- prospecting, prospecting lock, drop rates -- is one of the cornerstones of the game mechanics. It endured for years without any significant changes. And even the new focus on single account players and resulted from it new dungeon system left the system almost intact: the PP lock was lowered to 400 PP and the minimal drop rate was increased to 1% (with the exception of dofus eggs).

This topic is dedicated to the discussion of the drop system in general, excluding dofuses (they have...
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Please accept my apologies, due to the death of my computer I was unable to provide June’s report. This issue of the Insider’s Report will cover Zenith’s activity for both June and July.
What Was Done[blockquote]In June:Community feedback on the 2.7 update was organised into the following categories and submitted to the developers: New dungeon system; Class changes and the new Foggernaut class; Spell point and characteristic scrolls.Masqueraider, Sadida, and Sram class balancing threads were...