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By NightWanderer - 2007-06-07 09:49:13 in General Discussion
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Many people have had problems with the RNG(Random number generator) Critical failing, and etc.

Now, a Real RNG, wouldn't produce the results people are having. Would it?

Is it possible Dofus uses a PRNG? A Pseudo Random Number Generator, a RNG that has everything already made out, ahead of time?
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Lichen said starting a poll about the episode system, and giving it to Kaoly, may stop this unbelievable Episode system.

Vote 1, 2, 3.

1-I hate the episode system, it should be just regular Dofus, the system died from the start. The ideas were good, but failed.

2-I love it. It's the best idea Ankama has ever had.

3-Other. Add your own opinion, as to why the system may fail, or soar into excellence.