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Member since 2011-08-20


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Keeper Of Time Xelor Lvl 178 Nox
Phytophiliac Sadida Lvl 152 Nox
Soteria Feca Lvl 151 Nox
Miss Calculations Masqueraider Lvl 116 Nox
Fabulous Killjoy Sram Lvl 79 Nox
Keeper Of Time Xelor Lvl 4 Remington
Erohet Iop Lvl 1 Remington

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By Nerd-Tease - 2015-09-09 19:30:31 in Trade
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6 4746
First off, this is a PvE build, but I'm sure it could work in PvP with a few tweaks.

Edit: (September 8, 2015) Ok While the gear section is still solid, the characteristics section along with spell and passive choices needs an update. There's a higher damage, higher efficiency route that doesn't sacrifice utility. Can't do it at the moment though as the server is down right now.

Table of Contents
1. Characteristics
2. Spell Choices
3. Passive Choices
4. Decks
5. Gear

1. Characteristics
By Nerd-Tease - 2015-07-27 05:48:59 in Trade
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See title