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Nerd-Tease|2018-07-15 18:30:01I heavily disagree with the OP. Quests for powerful relics (especially the Dofus) is so much more rewarding than "just grind some dungeon 1800 times with high prospecting teams" There's tangible progression, and with a handful of exceptions (looking at you, Leng's plateau) there isn't much luck involved in your ability to progress towards a powerful item.

I'm looking forward to the vulbis receiving a questline.

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So, for those who haven't done the new content and want to do it blind, skip the below. I'm going into (some level) of detail about the fight mechanics, and I know some people (myself included) enjoy figuring it out without being told.

The vuln mechanic in the dungeon intersects with the old cap of 10 triggered effects per game round. This makes 8 loot rather harder than intended, as each character's first hit will do no damage, but deactivate the invuln, and each additional hit will continue triggering...
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Arcane torrent does zero damage when cast as a critical hit.

It is not doing multiple damage lines of zero, it is just removing the elemental states and not doing damage lines.