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Date: 2019.12.19

In the game I started an Unranked match with Ecaflip, but when I started the match my Virusbuster (An AVG Internet Security) found an Virus in Krosmaga.exe and shut down the game! So it put in the quaritne (Im a hungarian so sorry my weak english). And it Delete it. So i tried to repair Krosmaga with the launcher. Did not does anything. At this point I tried to Reinstal the game in the launcher. Did nothing. At this point I tried to re-instal the Ankama Launcher and try again re-instal...
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I wanted to play Krosmaga across Steam. It upgraded to 1.14 with the Ankama Launcher. Ok the game and the launcher is works. But. I CAN'T LOG IN THE GAME!!!! I created a new password. Didn't worked. The only message i get is: CONNECTION ERROR! WHY?! My internet is working fine! Im a old Krosmaga Player. I want to play it. I want my Cards!