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Member since 2011-04-29


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Last login: 2019-07-19


Kyouta Sacrier Lvl 200 Elbor
Dinm-Shinobu Eniripsa Lvl 199 Elbor
Dinm-Paladin Feca Lvl 199 Elbor
Natsu Salamander Osamodas Lvl 163 Elbor
Dinm-Yume Cra Lvl 147 Elbor
Dinm-Depore Eliotrope Lvl 143 Elbor
Dinm-Pandinm Pandawa Lvl 139 Elbor
Dinm-Ysera Sadida Lvl 132 Elbor
Nissenna Iop Lvl 1 Remington

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Good afternoon.

As all of you that use the tactic mode may have noticed, the visual clarity  this feature offers is insufficient.
Those tall red walls that obstruct view or even being surrounded by huge moobs makes it hard to take actions in time based turns.

The tactic mode should be changed to something clearer like the one in Dofus, and in the case of those huge moobs, a creature mode wich made them tiny could be the solution.

I'm not saying it's impossible to play this way, but it could greatly...