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Nefroz Masqueraider Lvl 130 Remington
Ganked By Nefroz Eliotrope Lvl 130 Remington
Nefroz Tou Point'O Sadida Lvl 130 Remington
Nefrozaurus Rex Sram Lvl 114 Remington
Nefroz Tri Pount'O Osamodas Lvl 84 Remington

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Hi guys, having a bit of nostalgia of this wonderful game we are back on it with a friend, to climb up again the levels !
We are looking for english/french players with a good sense of humor, a certain level of maturity, and motivation to ride with us.
We both have very high levels teams on both Dathura and Aerafal ( he has lots of 200 chars having done almost every dungeon, I got every class up to lvl 190+) so we can give some tips and tricks to help you if needed.
A job-oriented char is already...