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By Nedokiuz - 2009-05-25 11:00:45 in Guilds
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Hi guys,

Chakram of the Light is currently looking to recruit new members.
Our guild is Level 12, average member level is 45.

We're seeking members that are:
18+ years old, or exceptionally mature. Active; looking to participate in a lot of hunts and/or events. Motivated, to help further the guild's progress. Generally 'happy', and fun to be around.

Just as an additional note, our guild is somewhat biased towards being Bontarian, thus the guild name.

We're not interested in the following;
By Nedokiuz - 2009-04-13 06:29:05 in Typos and spelling mistakes
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"Do not steal MP from your enemies for the duration of the combat"

However, this challenge can be failed by:
casting a spell like Clumsiness (which reduces MP, not steal it) or
by having the enemy resist the MP lost of Clumsiness (which means you haven't stolen MP).

Perhaps a more accurate description for the challenge would be

"Do not attempt to reduce your enemies' MP for the duration of the combat."