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Defending limiting with 1 Ally member was strict enough. Why do international servers must follow the limits on how other servers operate? Having different guilds is what makes alliances in the first place despite some of them being empty. Not everyone wants to be limited by a single leadership.

Having only guild members defend their own percs is the most strict changes an alliance can have at this stage of the game. Alliances would rather have at least 1 person defending rather than no one if comparing...
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The option to change the level of animation sounds during a fight and outside of battle has….disappeared? I assume this is a bug but this may affect future updates if the first bug before the class change update was “chat delay”.
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Update from September 6 does not load chat after a certain period of time. I send 1 message then afterwards, the next message does not load until 20 seconds. This is happening to a couple of people I know and I’m on the latest IOS version.