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I'm really worried for the resources on achievements that will happen on the Ascension Update. As I mentioned before in the comments on that update page, there is not a lot of information of what you guys (Ankama) is about to do with the achievement rewards. Based on the description, you mentioned only resources but no certain amount of how much they are being reduced. I understand if this situation is happening for the high populated servers but I don't think it's fair to the international servers...
By Naviseca7722 - 2018-09-06 01:04:24 in Bug Reports
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Hi Ankama

I've been experiencing several inventory loading bugs when I try to use or check on my items and resources. This usually happens when I open the inventory after the first try. It shows the loading spiral icon and does not allow me to see or use my items unless I relog 1-2 times into the game. Several other players in Grandapan and in Dodge that I hang out with are getting this problem as well, and I was hoping you guys are able to fix this.

This has been happening for 2 months now and...
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Hi Ankama, I was just wondering if there has been issues with sounds lately because I can't get any of the sounds to work when using the dofus touch app. I have tried turning it off and on during the options menu and restarted the app and my device 3 times. I'm not sure what's going on and I hope you can find a way to fix this. Thanks.