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Recently more phishing websites from stolen accounts have been occurring more in the international servers. While I don’t understand why these links are clickable once the messages are sent, I do think it’s reasonable to say that these are considered as a very dangerous threat. These kinds of links can be accidentally clicked on if users are playing on mobile or on tablet.

I do highly suggest removing these yellow links that lead to phishing websites. This would at least decrease reoccurring...
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I’m not completely sure if this is still currently happening but 2 things I want to point out as of today:

1. Shop isn’t responding to Kama transactions but is working for gems. The icon still shows you are able to purchase through Kamas but isn’t working as it says the transaction has “failed”.

2. Servers aren’t responding which may lead to think some people have lost accounts.

I was trying to log on today when suddenly my character in my server isn’t showing as the server itself...
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I'm really worried for the resources on achievements that will happen on the Ascension Update. As I mentioned before in the comments on that update page, there is not a lot of information of what you guys (Ankama) is about to do with the achievement rewards. Based on the description, you mentioned only resources but no certain amount of how much they are being reduced. I understand if this situation is happening for the high populated servers but I don't think it's fair to the international servers...