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By Nattybug - 2009-05-05 08:00:16 in Guilds
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ok so ive always had this dream of starting a guild.....
problem being if i leave my current guild i wont have any high level players and then wont be able to do anything fun (high level dungeons souls etc) cause ive heard people dont often join guilds with a leader lower lvled than they are.....
is this true.... i dunno what the point of this post is....more of a "would people lvl 120+ actually join a guild with a lvl 131 leader(me)"


btw rushu is my server
By Nattybug - 2009-04-25 23:48:45 in Problems and solutions
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im not sure if im posting this in the correct section but still...

the xelor spell devotion is meant to give 2 ap for 3 turns...however lately when i have been using it my ap disappears after the second turn. so i check my characters buff list and it says "devotion +2 ap 2 turns remaining" yet i have only 8 ap (my base amount) has anyone else experienced this problem? its kind of annoying because 2 ap can be a matter of life and death...