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Member since 2010-12-23


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Status: Subscribed
Last login: 2019-06-17


Cra Lvl Omega 365 Echo
Conspiracy Theory
Rogue Lvl 50 Echo
Cra Lvl 23 Temporis II

Activity on the dofus Forum

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Hi, i can't progress the quest
1 394
So far, to see in the guild who owns what rights, you have to check over 200 people yourself, and what if you make an option that allows us to see who has the SPECIFIC right that interests us. It can save us a lot of time
4 525
 My idea is that ankama will create official community challenges                
Let's say it'll be daily challenge weekly and monthly

For example
< 50lvl   Kwakwa duo in 10 turns     reward:  Stroud set
< 100lvl Dragon pig  100+ idol score   reward: Makeover mystery box
< 150lvl El piko clean hands 4acc+     reward: Warrir mystery box
 200lvl solo korriander     reward:  Tatouh pet

You can also develop the topic of awards here so that it won't be only...