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Roxas Lasrae Iop Lvl 133 Nox
Shyvara Lasrae Sram Lvl 122 Nox
Maiko Lasrae Eniripsa Lvl 122 Nox
Tharja Gremory Sacrier Lvl 115 Nox
Aida Gremory Feca Lvl 93 Nox
Raelinn Lasrae Masqueraider Lvl 82 Nox
Kaxlia Gremory Xelor Lvl 74 Nox
Papa Romanov Enutrof Lvl 38 Nox
Ferox Romanov Foggernaut Lvl 22 Nox
Roxas Lasrae Iop Lvl 21 Remington
Araseis Lasrae Osamodas Lvl 19 Remington
Raelinn Lasrae Ouginak Lvl 19 Remington
Lucina Lasrae Feca Lvl 18 Remington
Tharja Lasrae Sadida Lvl 18 Remington
Yang Lasrae Pandawa Lvl 12 Remington

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By NaoRomanov - 2019-07-08 10:58:58 in Guilds
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I'm coming back to Wakfu after a Long break. Looking for an Guild that is loyal to Amanka to get things going again. 

I'm a pretty casual player and have multiple Alts that are lvl 20-mid 30s as well. My main is lvl 45. Just looking for a tight knit community to be a part with and grown with.