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Hello fellow Dofus players.
I've had a bit of a break for almost a year soon but started playing again due to the server merge and to try out the newest class, Ouginak, as a fp2 to begin with. But I was wondering what elements that would be best/most optimal for solo + some duo/triple play (with some friends around the same levels)?
I have a 199 Chance Cra and a 200 Agi/Cha Ecaflip plus some other mid-leveled characters.

So I was thinking of playing something that's not Chance for once. I think...
By NallNalle - 2015-09-01 20:15:55 in Ecaflip
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I don't recommend going Agi/Cha anymore since the "balance" of the softcaps. Stay Str(or switch if you can afford) and have good damage.

I've been Agi/Cha since lvl 1(I'm 199 now) and it sure have been a fun ride with all the changes we've had thrown at us. I don't regret the time I've played but I believe the future lies darker for me and others ahead.

Their "balance" of the softcaps and extra stats available to spend did not exactly add up to the damage we lost from the reduction.
I tested thoroughly...
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As thread title, when is the update coming?