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Chrestyia Sram Lvl 192 Rubilax
Memera The Crimson Beast Osamodas Lvl 152 Rubilax
Edeline The High Barrier Feca Lvl 122 Rubilax
Junko The Deviate Ecaflip Lvl 108 Rubilax
Scyria The Bright Shadow Sram Lvl 106 Rubilax
Amelia The Dark Root Sadida Lvl 102 Rubilax
Eywa The Life Incarnated Sadida Lvl 60 Rubilax

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Yeah, I expected it to come after the Feca Goddess Costume as I felt like Ankama was releasing a God Costume and an ''Oropo Gang Member'' Costume at alternate times, but then I went into the player market and found an actual ''Awakened Oropo Costume'' already in game. This is actually the second costume of the Oropo Gang that I see only partially released like Bump's Costume, which was released only in Elbor as a compensation (I believe). Then what about this one, when and how was it made public?...
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 I wouldn't want it to be my eyes playing a trick on me, but I'm pretty sure that the Bloodshed Costume is having a little issue in the chest zone, regarding female characters at least. (P.S. Sorry for not highlighting my character, but it's the only one with such costume in the picture, so it shouldn't be a problem).                                                                                                                         ...