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Sectumsempra Iop Lvl 105 Remington

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By Grevster - 2016-04-04 01:33:29 in Iop
1 1679
I used to be pure air but adopted Earth not long ago and found that it was great as my primary damage output and use air for any extra AP/MP I had.
My current equipment is:
Rampart Cloak
Rampart Epaulettes
Infernal Helmet
The Dream Drhell
Alpha Predator Ring
Heated Ring
Facetious Shovel
Vampyro's Belt
Excarnus Fleece
Excarnus Hooves

And my passives are:

I'm starting to feel week compared to the monsters in the quest areas I'm given and was wondering what...
By Grevster - 2016-04-04 01:19:53 in Cra
8 4428
I've read on here that the fire/earth was a popular choice at the moment, but I have not found any advice about it.
Which sets should I choose at which lvls? I'm currently lvl 40.
I also still have the restat from lvl 30 and was wondering which stats are recommended to focus on?
Currently focusing on: Resistance, Range Damage, Initiative, Crits, Range and damage (though I'm thinking i need that extra AP)
By Grevster - 2015-01-25 23:54:07 in Iop
0 759
What's the best equipment to get for level 84 Iop? what sort of stats should i be looking at?