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Member since 2009-04-07


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Ecaflip Lvl 199 Echo

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By NaiekAnther - 2016-04-12 18:21:37 in Ecaflip
2 955
Haven't played in a few months and was just wondering if my set was up to scratch. I remember just basing my trophies on pure power and not taking anything into account. And I quite liked having 12AP hense the kwyness. I'm aiming to do the most amount of damage possible in fights so I can a) Fight stronger mobs in order to lvl faster and b) Not be useless in group fights.
I remember when I played last I was quite happy with the damage i was inflicting and finally having acquired the ingredients to...
1 963
I was wondering how much a 30 prospecting Kaliptus Dofus is worth