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As the thread title reads, I was very excited when Dofus PC would be launching a new mono-account server (October 17, 2017). However I do prefer the older patches that Touch has as of right now.. My question is if the Staff have considered introducing such a server to Dofus Touch?

I don't know how the ''one IP per account'' feature would be implemented on Touch, or if this is even possible. As far as I know, this would mean emulator users wouldn't be able to play on multiple accounts, or am I wrong...
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I don't know how frequently these forums are visited by the content creators, but I would like to say that there are a couple things that bother me, and im sure its not just me, with the current state and future state Dofus Touch is heading towards..

A few topics im going to be hitting on are the following:
- Lack of involvement of the international players
- The future of Dofus Touch
- Difference between Dofus Touch and Dofus PC

Lack of involvement of the international players
Dofus is the only...