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Thike Iop Lvl 96 Remington
Adamkiewicz Pandawa Lvl 96 Remington
Morgagni Sadida Lvl 96 Remington
Nathanaelfp Cra Lvl 1 Efrim

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By N1999 - 2020-05-10 03:56:31 in Pandawa
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Maybe this is a stupid question, as I know monoelement isn't a meta nowadays. I'm returning to the game after years, the last time I played it hard was in Open Beta, and back then monoelement was the rule, so a kinda still have this mentality a little.

Anyway, I'm leveling up a Pandawa and the main element that I use is Water, I like the skills and I have fun using it, but I'm building a water/fire, with the idea that doing more than one element is more efficient, although I really don't know why....
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When I start Wakfu, the screen becomes transparent, but the sound is normal.

Anyone knows how to help me?

He did not give this problem before.

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By N1999 - 2011-11-09 02:44:05 in General Discussions
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Well, I went to pass items from one character to another, and when I went, I went to see, and the items were not in the inventory of the character that would receive and was not in the inventory of the character sent.Is hot to retrieve then?

Sorry my english is bad